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International Dermoscopy Society (IDS)


Welcome to the member area of the IDS website!


Open Access Teleconsultation in Dermoscopy


Attention! You will be forwarded to the new IDS forum within 30 seconds if you coming to!
Please register there to the new forum. You will be able to come back here for archive purposes in in a read-only manner!

We are switching to a new member area - a new discussion forum - of the IDS website to! Please register there!
The switch is prepared since some months with the Board of the IDS.

The new forum will be open to all IDS members where you can discuss issues related to Dermoscopy and skin tumors. The structure of the new forum follows the open access philosophy utilized by the community like this one here. You can use the application to share questions or images with other members!

This forum here is set to 'Read Only' now - so you will not be able to add new cases any more or add comments. You will be able to log on like you do now - but only to view the old cases.

Registration is already stopped here and is only possible with the new system from that time.
You are invited to register at from now on! You are welcome to the new forum of the IDS!

This forum will stay available for viewing (the archive) at - please bookmark it for future use.

The main reasons for a new forum are

  • We have an old technology with maybe some security problems and no secure connection (https)
  • The currently running system is at the performance limit
  • The old one is a 'self-made' solution - no standard forum system
  • A new application/reprogramming with new technology would be much more costs than using and adapting an commercial system like the new one
  • The new hosted system will be maintained, updated, extended and backuped.
  • The availability is guaranteed.
  • There is no reason inventing the wheel again ;-)

Now we have a modern discussion forum functionality with

  • Responsive design, a mobile version
  • Apps for Android / iPhone are available (look for Tapatalk App)
  • User profiles are available (expandable) -and self editable (with photo)
  • Direct communication between participants is possible (messaging)
  • Full text search is available
  • Tagging of posts is possible - searching for tags too
  • Registration is secure (with captcha) and e-mail addresses validated
  • Notifications by e-mail are individually settable


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Application provided by e-derm-consult gmbh, Graz, Austria


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